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mike haer beach hunting

Mike Haer

I have always been fascinated with history, even as a young boy. It was my favorite subject in school and has always intrigued me. Over 20 years ago my brother and I got our first metal detectors. we didn’t find much with the old bounty hunters but then a few years later my brother ran into a Whites dealer. We both started off with beginner machines but I found myself quickly hooked. Within a few months I stepped it up to a Whites xlt. I will be honest I never cared for the machine and had very few good finds to show. After a few more years and hearing about Minelab detectors I got a used Explorer, then quickly became a Minelab dealer and stepped up to the E-trac that had just come out. Saying I was hooked on metal detecting is an understatement, obsessed is more like it! Every day after work I was out detecting and every chance I got. When the Minelab CTX 3030 came out I quickly stepped up to it. My small metal detector business grew into a full time job and I was also making custom headphones.

mike haer

I have always enjoyed helping others in the hobby. From helping them learn their machine, to overlaying maps and finding sites long gone. When I first started detecting, even when I first started selling metal detectors, there wasn’t nearly the information on metal detecting and metal detectors that there is now. When I was a dealer I would take my customers out and show them how to use their detector. I always enjoyed it and made a lot of new friends in the metal detecting world.

After years of doing all kinds of metal detecting, Relic hunting is by far my favorite and what I find myself doing the most of. Finding places to hunt that have been gone 100 plus years is what really does it for me. Finding common silver coins became less exciting and I found myself in fields more and more until it was all I wanted to do.

mike haer metal detecting

I have been fortunate enough to have been published over 40 times in various metal detecting magazines and even have a find in the Western and Eastern best finds edition. I have always said I am not a writer but I’ve found it is easy to write about something I love so much.

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