The other day I was thinking about all the great things metal detectorists do that no one talks about and I am going to discuss just one of them in this article. I contacted Mike Haer and told him he should think about doing an article about it. He loved the idea but told me I should do one myself and before I knew it he started this blog for me.

Mike and I ended up having a long conversation about all the different things we’ve pulled out of the ground that people could get hurt on. We’ve both found syringes and disposed of them properly. We have both found them not just in parks but at schools also! We have both found glass just under the surface along with pop cans and pieces of pop cans that could seriously injure someone. Mike and I have also found arrow heads, some still with their sharp arrow head attached.

It’s not just the dangerous stuff in the ground either. Mike has hauled buckets full of trash out of fields that could damage tractors and other farm equipment. What about all the lead, steal, iron, copper and other metals that are laying in the ground that we remove and dispose of properly. You have to wonder the long term effects on the environment that these metals can cause. Coastal water hunters are always finding lead and disposing of it properly, a lot of them turning it in for scrap money and at roughly a value of .60 cents a pound you can imagine how much they are finding that its worth turning in for scrap!

Everyone posts pictures of their good finds and you see a lot of rings being returned but rarely does anyone talk about these other things we find that are dangerous to adults, kids and even animals. When I was a kid myself and a few friends were playing rough in his yard and one of my friends went down head first into the ground. When he came up blood was pouring out like crazy and he had to have stitches. The culprit was glass just under the grass. Just like so many other detectorists we pull broke glass out of the ground and dispose of it properly.

Anyone who has ever metal detected tot lots has found broken glass, bullets, shards of aluminum and even syringes! A couple of years ago I found a box cutter in a tot lot. Mike just found two razor blades recently in a tot lot!

With so many people out there who look down on what we do it’s important to take the time and properly dispose of all the trash and hazards we find while metal detecting. It’s also a good idea to educate people on the trash and hazards we remove from the environment on a daily basis!

If you have a good story about hazards you’ve removed contact me, I would love to hear it!

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