Recently a great group of people collaborated on a fund raiser and Justin Sully from Coin Rings By Sully became involved. He generously donated his time to make coin rings from coins that had been donated to be auctioned off. Many individuals have expressed their pleasure with the quality of his work, so imagine my surprise when he contacted me about a special surprise. He asked me for my ring size and told me that he would be in contact.


I wanted to make certain that I gave him the correct ring size so I went to a local jeweler and had my ring finger sized. A properly sized ring will slide on your finger easily and will be a little resistant when removing it, especially over the knuckle. Many rings are lost due to being improperly sized or even re-sized. I did not want this to happen to me. I strongly recommend that if you are in the market for a ring, get your finger properly measured by a reputable jeweler.


After obtaining my ring size I contacted Justin with the information. Only a few days later he messaged me requesting my shipping address. Later that same day I was sent a tracking number, and on Saturday a nice surprise arrived in my mail box!


Not knowing exactly what to expect, I carefully opened the envelope that contained a black felt ring bag and his business card. I was shocked when out from the bag rolled a coin ring that had been made from a 1914 Barber Quarter. The ring fits perfectly and it is in excellent condition! Thank you very much Justin Sully for a one of a kind ring that will be treasured for years to come! If you are in the market for a ring or pendant I would highly recommend that you see what Justin Sully has to offer.


Justin is an Ohio based hunter who makes rings and pendants from coins. Each piece that he makes is high quality and made to order. He can make rings ranging from approximately size 4 to 15 out of various denominations and sizes of coins. For many of us in the hobby we have an appreciation for coins. Justin’s unique creations make for a personal custom piece for a digger or even a special gift for that special digger that you know! If you are interested in a unique, quality piece, I encourage you to check out his etsy store, website and other pages listed below.

Sully’s website
Sully’s Facebook page
Sully’s Etsy store


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Coin Rings: A way to honor the past
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