Having difficulties trying to shop for that hard to buy for digger? Searching high and low and coming up empty? This may be the solution for you! Many of us diggers have heard of these handy items but some may not know of them. Here are some ideas for those shopping for that hard to buy for person or perhaps you are looking for something for yourself.


Don, over at Detecting Doodads, can help to relieve your stress this holiday season and throughout the entire year! Like a mad scientist, this hunter with a background in engineering enjoys creating high quality, 3-D printed items that prove to be very handy for us in the field. With the wide selection there is a doodad for everyone. Let’s explore some of these now.


Make sure you never misplace your pin pointer with one of the handy tether rings! One end is attached to the pin pointer and the other end is tethered to the user. The tether rings are offered for many models of pin pointers. They sit on the back end of the pin pointer and include a magnifying glass that swings out from the pin pointer so you can view your item up close and the magnifying glass is held in place with a magnetic latch. These tether rings are available in 16 different colors and can be customized with a name.

For those of us that enjoy taking videos of our hunts the camera mount is a must have accessory. The camera mounts are designed to attach to the detector shaft, whether it’s a round shaft, E – Trac, CTX, or the shaft of the Deus, Doodads has mounts for all. These mounts are available in 16 colors with a 360-degree head to get that perfect angle. For the Go Pro Users Doodads even offers a way to attach your Go Pro to the camera mount.


Along our maze of Doodads Don may have quite possibly built a better mouse trap with his design of a charging clip that is compatible with the Deus. As many of us have experienced, the Deus charging clip sometimes doesn’t fit as tightly as it should, and in some instances, has broken. Detecting Doodads offers a nice rugged alternative with their charging clip. If you are like me, and have a tendency to misplace your charging clip, it’s always nice to have a spare on hand when it’s time to recharge your coil.


This article has covered a few of the Doodads, all of which I personally use and highly recommend. From display stands to even head phones, Doodads has something for everyone, not just for the holiday season but for any time of the year. Visit the link below to get your gear ordered today. Detecting Doodads, the handy gear for the detecting enthusiast, from a detecting enthusiast.





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Remember to stay tuned to Beyond Sight and Sound for this and more detecting information!


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Every Stocking Could Use a Doodad
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