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liberty headphones
liberty metal detector headphones
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liberty metal detector headphones
liberty headphones
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Liberty Headphones/ Camo

Single VS Daul Volume

Single volume is great if the hearing in both ears is the same or close. If you have hearing issues in one ear or like to turn one side down while detecting I would suggest the dual volume pair.

About Liberty Headphones

About 10 years ago, after breaking another pair of headphones I decided it was time to build my own set. After months of trying different components, hunting down just the right parts and perfecting a pair of headphones designed to withstand the harsh conditions metal detecting can put on headphones, I decided to start selling them.

.One of the biggest problems I had with other headphones was cord quality and their ability to hold up to constant movement, getting caught on limbs, in brush, getting pulled on and all the other abuse we put them through, I knew a cord was one of the most important components. After months of searching I found a company here in the U.S. who could make me a high quality cord, to my specification, that could handle what any detectorist might put it through.

After about 5 years, I decided it wasn’t worth keeping so much money wrapped up in parts, sitting on shelves. I was selling them and they were a huge success but I just wasn’t selling enough to justify the out of pocket that was staying out of my pocket for entirely too long. I kept enough parts on hand to warranty any work that might arise and stopped advertising them.

Well, I’m back at it again! Building what I consider to be the best metal detecting headphones on the market! Durability and sound quality being the utmost importance, I only use the highest quality components and bring it to you, the consumer, at the best possible price, lower than most of the competition using substandard components.

Lifetime Warranty

If there are any issues within the first 6 months please send to us and we will pay to return. After 6 months if there is any issues you will be responsible for shipping costs both ways. Not liable for excessive abuse such as running them over with a truck. Please notify us before you send in for repar.

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