Nathan Jaeger from Tesoro

Last Thursday I picked up the phone to call Tesoro to check on the status of my request to borrow the Tesoro Outlaw to do articles. It was the first time I spoke with Nathan. The conversation started out normal but things quickly changed when I started asking him about Tesoro metal detectors. Suddenly his whole tone changed and you could hear the passion pouring out of him. It was so exciting for me to hear a corporate guy talk so passionately about their products. An hour later I am asking him to be on our podcast, he instantly accepted and I was happy because after hearing him talk so passionately about Tesoro I would have begged if needed!

Since the first conversation we spoke a few more times on the phone and not one of those conversations was short, man this guy can go on and on about Tesoro and I looked forward to hearing the stories and information he is so willing to share and he didn’t let me down.

We always start each podcast with a pre-call 15-30 minutes before each show. Last night’s pre-call lasted an hour! Time got away from us and the three of us were talking like old buddies, cutting each other off, one story going into another and suddenly Bob realized how long we had been talking and said “why aren’t we recording! So much of this should have been part of the Podcast!” We went on about fifteen minutes more because there was just so much conversation to wrap up before we could even begin recording!

Last night’s podcast will go down as one of my all-time favorites. Nathan, much like myself and Bob, is a fart in a skillet when he’s talking! He talks a lot and wanders all over the place! It’s his passion for the hobby and Tesoro that brings it out! At times I had to control my laughter, other times he made my eyes glaze over and brain dead with all the amazing information he was sharing but the entire time I was incredibly excited to hear what he was sharing and taking it all in. After 3 hours of being on the phone (an hour of pre-call, 2 hours of podcast) I had not even realized it but I was sweating, I had to pee so bad I barely made it to the bathroom (don’t judge me, I’m getting old) and my mouth was dryer than a popcorn fart! I hadn’t noticed any of these things during the podcast because it was so intense, the information pouring out of Nathan had me re-thinking so many things that I thought I knew about metal detectors!

Bob and I both barely slept last night. I got a text from him at about 3 a.m. this morning “you up” I picked up the phone and called him and we went right into talking about last night’s show. I finally put my phone down around 5 a.m. and went to sleep. My first thought was to email Nathan this morning and ask him to come on the show again sometime and to please let us know if he ever wants to be on the podcast to announce Tesoro news or just talk Tesoro and metal detecting that we would love to have him. I look forward to more podcast interviews with Tesoro’s very own, Nathan Jeiger!



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