Teknetics T2 metal detector part two

If you read my story yesterday you know I was planning on using the T2 today. You also know I have really been struggling with it! My first 3 hunts I found the machine to be super chatty and just couldn’t make heads or tails of it. I was bound and determined to leave the Tesoro Outlaw in the truck but still brought it with me just in case.

Today was a good day. Not really any finds worth mentioning except a wadded up piece of silver that I think I can make out an Eagles wing. What made the hunt so good was the T2 was starting to make sense to me.

I started by running my sensitivity at 30, Disc at 40 and I ran 3B for the tones. I noticed right away the machine was running much quieter so after a short time I moved my sensitivity up to 40, then a little bit later, 50 and I finally settled at 60 and the detector was still running very quiet. I don’t know what was going on before, maybe I wasn’t ground balancing correctly.. I don’t know but it was running great.

Another problem I was having that I am starting to get the hang of is I would get a lot of high tones and deeper depths (where silver should be) and it will jump from nickel area back up to a quarter or dime. I’ve dug enough of these with the T2 that are junk, usually shallower pieces of pull tabs/aluminum. It would hit that sweet high tone and show me the quarter icon so many swings in a row that I was thinking it would be a coin with pull-tab or junk close. That hasn’t been the case so far so after several holes of just digging junk with that scenario I stopped. I noticed I started getting stable dime, quarter and penny signals that were stable and although I didn’t dig anything over 5 inches the machine was giving me solid VDI numbers.

I was hunting a large park here in Texas that should have silver in it. Although I didn’t find any silver coins I’m very excited to finally start understanding the machine a little better and I am looking forward to getting more time on it!

(wadded up silver)






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