Drama and the Garrett AT MAX

 Since the day Garrett released the video on the new AT max I have seen a lot of negative responses on social media. Garrett hit it out of the park with the AT pro and AT gold and  that’s not even debatable. I don’t care if you don’t like either machine so many people have proven over and over again that these detectors are top notch. I think by simply watching a video on the new AT max and judging it negatively is not only uncalled for but damaging. How can you possibly judge a metal detector (or anything for that matter) without at least first seeing what people think about it after they are available for purchase?

I am a member of several Facebook groups relating to metal detecting. One particular manufacture group was bashing and making fun of it to the point I left the group. I like to joke as much as the next person and probably more but I didn’t find any humor in this group making fun of the At max, a machine that isn’t even available yet!

Just earlier this week I seen what I would consider a very negative article about Garrett announcing the AT max but not releasing it. The article was trashing Garrett but also other manufactures for doing this. Another part of the article that is absolutely wrong was accusing manufactures of building up all this hype to build the price up that will later fall drastically. This article stated that when the Garrett AT pro was released in 2010 that the price was 850 dollars and this is absolutely incorrect. How do I know? I was a metal detector dealer at the time and the map price (manufactures advertised price) was the same from the release date until they recently lowered it (I believe beginning of 2017) not long before they announced the AT max. There is a chance some dealers were selling the AT pro, after it’s release for much higher because it was in such high demand but I can only speculate.

The Hype

This article was obviously against the hype Garrett was trying to get going with the AT max. Why is this an issue? What manufacture of ANYTHING doesn’t do this? Of course any smart business is going to do this, they are in the business to make money and part of that is by getting a buzz going and to get information out there about their product but I suspect there is more to it than that. This has been going on since the beginning of time so why is Garrett being thrown under the bus by the Author? Not only does every metal detector manufacture do it just about every company who produces ANYTHING follows these practices, why? BECAUSE THESE PRACTICES WORK!

Manufacturing and pre-sales

 Have you noticed so many dealers are taking pre-orders? I have to assume this is approved by Garrett but I cannot say with certainty but it is common practice for the dealers to take pre-orders after the new model is announced.

I have a little knowledge in manufacturing, granted on a much smaller scale and emphasis on “little knowledge” but here is what I suspect. It makes sense to announce a new model and then start taking pre-orders and sit back and wait a while to see what kind of response there is so the manufacture can see what kind of demand there will be. Most would look at a metal detector and see a shaft, a coil and control box. When you break it down there are so many components that have to come together to make a metal detector and there is a lot of “out of pocket” involved before they start seeing a return. Bottom line I believe the release and pre-orders is to get an idea of the amount of parts that are going to need to be manufactured and ordered to meet demand without mistakenly having thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of parts sitting on a shelf because they over ordered.

The AT Max and any negative talk

Again, Garrett hit a home run with the AT pro and AT gold and that in itself deserves your respect at this point. Once the AT max is in the hands of hundreds of users for several months THEN the metal detector can be judged.

I am not going to go into detail here about all the updated features the AT max is coming out with, simply because you can find it on Garrett’s website and all over the internet for that matter. However, I do want to bring up a few points.

  • If you watch Garretts video at roughly 1:10 into the video it says “a significant increase in depth” The AT line of detectors already have amazing depth capabilities that even a little deeper is significant!
  • z-lynk wireless system – I’ve never met anyone who likes dealing with their headphone cord and being attached to their metal detector!
  • Adjustable threshold – I for one like a metal detector with a threshold and think this is a big improvement

There are so many more new improvements but again, you can find that information anywhere. Another thing I want to address is I’ve seen several comments that weren’t negative but asking why Garrett didn’t redesign the housing. I can understand this, we all want to see something in an all new, never before seen package but there is also another way to look at this. First off, why change something that isn’t broken! There is nothing wrong with the current design of not only the metal detector but the housing. If I remember correctly when the AT pro first came out there was an initial problem with leaks. I have not heard any issues for a very long time. Second, a new housing would cost more to design and manufacture and it would cost us, the consumer, more to purchase the AT max. I feel in the past few years where some manufactures are trying to see just how expensive of a metal detector they can produce with as many bells and whistles they can jam into the unit, Garrett is continuing down a path of bringing us reliable metal detectors that will get the job done as good and better than a lot of much higher priced machines and I personally commend them for this.

I hope after reading this article you can understand a little bit better of why the manufactures do what they do and overlook the negative comments on a metal detector that is not even in the hands of the consumer yet!







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