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A trend in digging tools and shovels

A trend in digging tools and shovels

I remember several years back when one of the metal detector manufactures came out with a new hand digger. Not long after it was on the market, one of my good customers who was very loyal to this particular brand, called me up and had to have one. I explained to him that I wouldn’t chance spending my money on something that is so brand new when Predator tools makes the best tools available. Being brand loyal he had to have one so I got one ordered and got it to him when it arrived. Since I was meeting up to give him his new digger, I figured we could do some metal detecting as well.

I have to say I was impressed with the looks of this new digger. It had the companies name and logo on the blade and a very similar design to Predator tools model 85. We started digging and a few holes in he bent his brand new digger like butter! Needless to say he wasn’t happy and quickly ordered a model 85 from Predator tools!

This trend has been going on for some time now. Metal detector manufactures and even some large dealers trying to cheaply replicate the best digger on the market and failing miserably! Not only are they being greedy using inferior materials and bad craftsmanship but they are trying to pass this junk off to us, the consumer. I often question why didn’t any of these manufactures go to Predator tools and ask them to build their line of diggers? I can only assume it’s about profits which is sad since they are trying to pass their cheap products off to their customer who pays for it in the end.

An even newer trend I’ve noticing is people trying to duplicate Predator tools shovels. I recently seen a shovel a friend bought and the company making it should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pass this junk off to customers. The design was absolutely horrible and the welds were so atrocious I would personally be embarrassed to carry it around. I have had friends buy a few of these different shovels and quickly learn that spending just a little extra money and buying a shovel from Predator tools is the way to go.

Noticing this trend and being a longtime fan of Predator tools products I wanted to write an article about the model 85. Once I wrote it I contacted them to see if there was anything they wanted to add. I was surprised that George Lesche took the time to talk to me and answer some questions. Towards the end of the conversation George told me he was in the middle of heat treating and needing to get back to work apologizing and saying he would hand the phone over to his wife Pam. I was shocked to learn that not only does George still build tools but he builds ALL of them. After having Pam and George on the podcast I learned it’s totally a family affair. George builds the tools and heat treats them, Pam answers the phones usually, takes care of shipping, paperwork and accounting while George Jr helps his dad in the shop, his mom in the office and takes care of the website stuff.  In my mind it was a big company so to find out it’s a small family operation even made me feel better about what I was buying.

Something I want everyone to understand

I don’t get anything from writing articles about Predator tools. I do it because they work their ass off as a family to bring us the very best in digging tools using certified American made chrome-oly steel. Speaking of American made, EVERYTHING they do is American made right down to the rivets on their sheaths! THIS is why I keep writing articles about Predator tools and will continue doing my best to make sure fellow detectorists are putting the best diggers ever made in their arsenal instead of inferior and often times junk diggers that won’t last.


I know it can be easy to fall for lower prices but I assure you it is not cheap for Predator tools to put out the quality they are. I was shocked to find out George still works a full time job and Pam just recently retired from her job of many years. This family isn’t getting rich making these tools, they are more expensive than a lot of other tools because of the materials they use and they time they have ensuring each and every tool is done correctly. Something I learned about George is he is a perfectionist that puts his years of knowledge, sweat, hard work and pride into every single piece that they make.

Before you buy some cheap, imitation hand digger, made overseas or a shovel made by someone in their garage using steel (not 4130 Chrome-oly) made in China, who doesn’t have a clue about heat treating, you might want to ask yourself, why they are selling them cheaper? If you want a hand digger or shovel that is made in America using American made materials by a man who is a true craftsman then your only option is Predator tools. Don’t be fooled by all the other imitations!




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