First Texas lay-offs come as new facility announced

First Texas layoffs and new building

A few weeks ago someone on my Facebook friends list was saying how they and several other were laid off from First Texas. For those who might not know, first Texas is made up of Fisher, Teknetics, Bounty hunter and night owl optics that I know of for sure and possibly other products.

 You can’t help but feel for the people who were laid off, especially this close to Christmas but what really upset me was just a few days after hearing the news I seen a post on Teknetics Facebook page that said “We are moving into our brand-new facility here in El Paso, Texas and we decided to celebrate with a blow-out moving sale!” When I read the “brand-new facility” part I have to admit, I was upset.

 I tried to just let it go for a few days but I felt like I needed to get to the bottom of it. First I contacted one of the people laid off. The response wasn’t what I was expecting. I’m not going to repeat it all here but the gist of it was of still respecting the company and accepting what had happened.

 Next I emailed First Texas on a Saturday. I truly wasn’t expecting to receive a response back but I felt like it was my duty to try and understand what happened and let the public know what was going on. How can you lay people off right when you announce you’re moving into a “brand-new facility” just didn’t sit well with me.

 Monday morning I got a call from First Texas. To be honest I wasn’t expecting that and it surprised me. It also instantly made me feel a little different about First Texas. To take the time to give me a call was not expected nor did they owe me a call, yet they took the time.

 The call went well and by the end of it I totally understood and it makes sense. Since the word has got out that First Texas laid off some people and were moving into a new facility I have seen soothers like me who this news didn’t sit well. I honestly thought the conclusion would be an article shaming First Texas but here it is.


I had explained in my email why I was wanting to talk someone at First Texas and I was planning to write an article. The caller who wishes to stay anonymous, I will say let me talk and ask questions, it went very well and I was satisfied with the answers. He went on to explain that just a few years ago when business had really picked up they had hired more people. Although I don’t think it was mentioned I understood it that business slowed down enough that they had to downsize. Makes sense right? But what about the “brand-new facility”? The new facility has been in the works for the last three years and was finally completed. Not only that but this new facility is actually going to help cut costs.

 In the end I don’t know anyone who wants to hear about employee lay-offs especially around Christmas time but sometimes you have to do what is right to stay competitive in business. I know some will not be satisfied with the conclusion but to me it’s not only acceptable but understandable.

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