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Teknetics T2 SE detector – initial impressions

If you follow my blog you’ve possibly read my articles on the T2 Classic. When I say Classic I’m not sure that’s correct. This was one of the original T2’s and although it had some age on it I knew the whole life of the detector and in reality it had less than 20 hours of use on it. The T2 had always been stored properly without batteries and in a warm, dry place.

 My reason for wanting the T2 is I was needing something here in Texas for parks. I wanted a VDI screen to quickly help let me know if I wanted to dig a target or not in a trashy park. I found the old T2 to struggle or not even work in these parks. EMI was a huge issue, almost every target would jump all over the screen and no matter what I tried I couldn’t seem to get it to run stable nor could I rely on the VDI at all. I never got to take it relic hunting but I think with no EMI and with its very fast recovery, it could be a good relic detector.

How I ended up with the Teknetics T2 SE

Finding the T2 pretty much impossible to use I wanted to trade it off. I found a local gentleman who had a Tesoro Tejon and was a fan of Fisher/Teknetics so we traded. Although I loved the Tejon I found myself with it and the Tesoro Outlaw, yet another detector with no VDI. Not that you can’t use these Tesoro’s for park hunting, for me they are not ideal in a park loaded with modern trash. You can use the Disc knob to get a good idea of the target but it can be very time consuming in a very trashy park.

 So I decided to list it on Facebook and see if I could find someone to trade. Someone contacted me with a T2 SE and although I was very hesitant I decided to do the trade. The reason I decided to give it a try is I had heard the newer generations of the T2 handled EMI much better. Another reason I gave it a try is I felt defeated by the T2 but I loved the weight, balance of the machine, matter of fact I loved everything about it except how it worked in parks.

My Initial thoughts on the Teknetics T2 SE

By no means is this a review. With only about 10 hours on the machine I am nowhere near comfortable giving a review but I am comfortable with telling you my experience to this point.

 My first time out with the detector was a new place. It was a huge park with no EMI and just a big open field. There were very few targets but it ran so stable. I started off with sensitivity at around 40 and kept bumping it up all the way to 90 and it was still running stable as can be. I managed to only find a few modern coins and I dug some odds and ends just to get used to the machine. I found the VDI to be very accurate.

 My second hunt out with it I decided to go back to the park where I found the original T2 almost useless. There were parts of this park I could somewhat hunt with the original T2 so I started there. Not a lot of EMI and not as trashy as some of the other parts of the park. Again, I found it very stable, giving me good VDI numbers on coins. Although this was huge I was still skeptic on the trashiest parts of the park surrounded by EMI from field lights along with a small concession stand. With the original T2 I couldn’t even hunt around this area. No matter what I did I found the original T2 to be useless.

The real test for the Teknetics T2

I was nervous to take it to that particular area of the park. As much trouble as the original T2 gave me in this particular area it was hard for me to believe the T2 SE could actually handle this even though so far it had done so well.  This area isn’t just surrounded by stadium lights, electric lines and the concession stand it’s also very trashy, so trashy I struggled to find an area to ground balance. I  walked out of the area and finally got it ground balanced and quickly knew there was a huge difference than my past experience. The T2 SE was easily handling this area without any interference or issues and for the first time I really got to feel what people talk about using the T2. This detector is lightning fast in a super trashy area like this and without all the interference I had faced before with the T2 original I actually found it enjoyable, this was a huge difference from what I was used to with the original T2 I had before.

Yesterday I got out with my Fiancée Steph. She has very little experience in metal detecting with probably 20 hours of experience total. We went to the same area as I just spoke of. I ground balanced the T2 and she walked beside me for a few minutes as I showed her how to use it and what to listen for. Within no time, even with all the trashy signals in the ground she was getting the hang of it. Being almost 8 months pregnant I did her digging and she was enjoying it right up until she got to cold.

 With roughly 10 hours on the T2 SE I am just getting to know this metal detector but It’s quickly becoming a pleasure to use. Every time I get out I’m better with it every time and have a better understanding of it. I never had that with the original T2, every time it was a struggle to try and even use it.

 I am looking forward to learning this machine and writing about my experience as I go. I don’t see this detector going anywhere as I am already really enjoying it even with so few hours on it. I will keep you updated on my progress!

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