Being brand loyal to a fault

I remember many years back when I was very new to the hobby. Back then I spent most of my time on one particular forum trying to take everything in I could and learning from everyone. Something that I will never forget that has stuck with me all these years was I quickly learned how brand loyal so many people are. That was twenty years ago and I still see it going on today.

When Minelab first started to make a name for itself there were a few Explorer users in that particular forum and they would post some really great finds and I was amazed at some of the comments left. People would accuse them of faking finds while others would put down their choice of detector, finding a reason why they would never buy one.

When I was a dealer years ago, I got a call from a potential customer who was thinking about buying a detector from a manufacturer he was not familiar with. I praised that manufacturer and the particular model he was inquiring about, matter of fact it was my go to metal detector. After talking to him for a good amount of time he just couldn’t bring himself to buy another metal detector from any manufacturer than the one he was loyal to. The problem with this, He was much like me in that he wanted to find old coins/relics. He got out often and had some great spots yet he hadn’t found a single silver coin that year with his thousand dollar plus, top of the line metal detector. That year, working full time and selling detectors I managed over 120 silver coins. He was so brand loyal he didn’t see what was right in front of him.

More recently, I have seen several times on Facebook where someone will ask in a group “what metal detector should I buy” and it’s astonishing to me to see some of the replies. One I just seen a few weeks ago really got me. Someone had asked what they should buy and I would say the first 10 answers were people naming different detectors. One person was bold enough to say “buy brand X, Model A because everything else is junk and you won’t be happy” then after several responses I finally seen what I had been waiting on. Someone responded with “what part of the country are you in? What’s your budget? What kind of detecting are you looking to do?” That person got it and knew blurting out a particular detector was a waste of time before the facts were known. I can guarantee that person asking those questions had used at least a handful of detectors and wasn’t brand loyal.

I have been metal detecting for several years, I’ve done beach/water, relic and coin hunting. I’ve hunted parks, fields, woods, houses and everything in between. I’ve been very fortunate to use over 20 different metal detectors in all my years of metal detecting. I’m telling this so you understand I’m not new to the hobby and have a little understanding and was shocked when I recently posted my Tesoro Tejon to trade for a VDI metal detector. I received messages on Facebook, emails and even a few calls telling me I was making a mistake. Even when I explained to them that although I love the Tejon I needed a VDI machine for the local parks that are littered with modern trash, a few still felt the need to tell me I was making a mistake! I am a huge fan of Tesoro and a huge fan of the Tejon and it is a great tool for many situations but for me, it’s not the best tool for a trashy park. Those who still insisted I was making a mistake are brand loyal to a fault.

If you are in any of the Facebook groups I’m sure you’ve seen much of what I’m talking about. I have left brand specific groups when people start making fun of another brand and no one puts a stop to it. I for one wish it would stop. As far as I’m concerned every metal detector has some great metal detectors on the market and at least a couple that aren’t so great and ALL metal detectors have their flaws, none of them are perfect.

My first two detectors were cheap ones with many limitations. Within a year of getting into metal detecting I went out and spent over a 1,000 on a high end metal detector. Many people recommended it and it was very popular. I never liked that metal detector, I never understood it and over many years of using it I only found a handful of silver coins and relics. I had been hunting great places, most private property and I got to where I assumed this was just as good as it gets. Part of the reason I kept it so long and kept going was so many brand loyal people told me it was the best, there was nothing better and I should stick with it. I almost got out of the hobby because of that detector.

A lot of those people who told me I should stay with what I have were brand loyal and simply didn’t know any better. Looking back I should have moved on much earlier and I regret it to this day. If you’re putting the research in and getting out detecting but not finding what you should be, I suggest thinking about another metal detector.

I don’t want to see anyone make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past and it’s easy to do with so many people (many not qualified) pushing their brand they are loyal to down your throat. After that experience with that detector then finding one that changed everything for me, I haven’t been brand loyal since. I am always eager to giving something new a try.

This article isn’t about putting down any particular metal detector manufacturer or model. What works great for others might not work well for you. If you’re new to the hobby and wanting opinions look for people who have been in the hobby many years who have used several different detectors. Of course I am always available as well. If you need help don’t hesitate to get a hold of me, I will do my best to help you figure out just the right metal detector for you!

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