NEW Makro Kruzer – Waterproof, Multi freq detector


Since Minelab announced the Equinox everyone has patiently been waiting for the release. Much like Garrett did earlier in 2017  the release date has been pushed back. Everyone seems to be going crazy waiting for the Equinox to finally hit the U.S. market and for good reason. Equinox is a multi- frequency detector, lightweight, lightning fast and water proof at an affordable price.

While everyone’s attention is on the Equinox and getting caught up in the hype while going crazy waiting for the release, Makro quietly did something incredible. They just recently announced their new line of detectors, the Kruzer!

The Gold Kruzer coming in at 61 Khz, the Kruzer at 14 khz and the multi cruiser 5kz, 14kz and 19khz. Lightweight, waterproof, suited for saltwater, wireless headphones, and so much more including a really nice price tag! Another thing worth mentioning is online firmware update capabilities!


While I have not used a Makro detector yet I have used the Nokta Impact from their sister company. The review will be coming out soon on the Nokta Impact but here I will just say this. The Impact is absolutely one of the best detectors I’ve ever used! I have talked to several people with the Makro racer 2 and I keep hearing the same things over and over again. They are great metal detectors!


When I do reviews I do my homework. Not just on the metal detector I’m using but on the company. I reached out to some people with Makro and Nokta detectors and everyone has been very pleased with their detectors and customer service. Matter of fact from a few stories I have heard they are known for their customer service and often times going above and beyond.

While everyone is going crazy over the Minelab Equinox and patiently waiting months for them to finally get shipped out I am drooling over the Makro Kruzer and trying to figure out what I can sell the get my hands on one. Minelab has put out some great detectors over the years but it is no secret I am not a fan of Minelabs customer service both from a dealer’s standpoint and as a customer. Even though I haven’t been a fan I will admit, I too have been drooling over the Equinox and patiently waiting for them to hit the U.S. market. It brings me great pleasure that Makro introduced the Kruzer and I for one have something new to be excited about built by a company I only hear good things about!.

For more information on the Kruzer metal detectors click here

Makro Kruzer Detectors

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