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Relic hunting with the Nokta Impact

During a recent trip to Ohio I had the opportunity to go metal detecting for a day. I was really looking forward to relic hunting some field sites. Long story short, after a few things fell through and recent rains flooding fields and making others to muddy I found myself in the same two fields I detected in the fall of 2017.  Unfortunately these were my last choice and I would have knocked on some doors of older homes but I was really excited to get the Nokta Impact in some heavy iron.

I took the 11×7 and 7.5×4 inch coil. I figured I would use the smaller coil in the heavy iron and the 11×7 where there was less iron so I could cover ground quicker. I already had the 11×7 coil on the Impact so I started with it. I also wanted to see how the large coil worked in the heavy iron.

My settings

I was in the DI3 program with Disc set to zero and Iron volume set to F1 but at times I would turn it to F0, completely turning Iron volume off. At F1 the iron audio is very quiet so you can still hear it but it’s in the background and is not nearly as annoying as having to hear iron audio at full volume. When I knew I was in heavy iron it was really nice to hear the iron but at a low volume to know what is going on in the ground and how fast I can sweep.

The Hunt

The Iron volume setting worked flawlessly and the Nokta Impact performed even better than I expected in the heavy iron. Although both field sites have been pounded I still managed several pieces of copper, brass, lead and even managed a few decent relics, musket balls and a few flat buttons. The second site where an old township meeting hall had once stood in the late 1800’s had really given me trouble in the past. The site is littered with hot rocks and the Impact handled them with no issues, never once going off on one and it wasn’t until I wrapped up for the day that I remembered how bad the hot rocks were there.

Another thing I didn’t realize until the day was over is I never changed out my coil! An 11 inch coil or any coil close to that size on any other detector I’ve ever used at iron infested sites like these two would have never handled the heavy iron. The Nokta did it without any issues and better than any other detector I’ve personally used at iron infested sites like these.

Every time I get out with the Nokta Impact it impresses me. I had no doubt it would work great but it really exceeded my expectations. It handled the heavy iron with the large coil with ease and the fact that I can run it wide open but turn the iron volume down was an absolutely great experience. I am a little disappointed I didn’t try the smaller coil but I was just so impressed with the 11×7 coil and its ability to easily handle the heavy iron I just never got around to it.

Iron volume setting

I cannot say enough about this setting! In the past, most of the detectors I’ve used for relic hunting I either run in some kind of two tone program where one tone is for iron and other tone is for everything else while on other detectors I would discriminate iron out. The problem with these methods are this, listening to iron audio all day, especially at full volume wears my ears out after so long, the detector is nonstop beeping in your ear and after hours of that it really takes its toll, at least on me. Discriminating Iron out at a heavily infested site will create a lot of clipped tones and will slow the detector down, the time spent checking out every clipped tone to ensure it’s not a good target can be a daunting task!

Although I didn’t get to explore any new field sites and my finds weren’t great, it was a blast getting to know the Nokta Impact a little better and really testing it’s abilities in the heavy iron. Not only did it pass it did it in spectacular fashion without even changing to a smaller coil!

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