XP Dues Team USA

A few months ago there was a buzz going around about something to do with Xp and a big announcement. No one knew what it was but it sure was getting exciting as the time drew closer. You can imagine my surprise when my friend Luke Higgins, from the Archeology and metal detecting magazine, reached out to me and asked if I was interested in having Dave Nitale on the all metal mode podcast to make the big announcement.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity, I could only imagine what was going on and just like everyone else, I had to wait until the podcast to find out. The night of the podcast with Dave couldn’t come soon enough! Everyone had ideas of what might be coming and there was a lot of speculation but no one knew for sure.

The big announcement

When Dave came on the show and made the big announcement it took me a while to fully understand and appreciate what he was talking about. My take on it is this. A monthly YouTube series produced in a professional studio by XP Deus users that is fully supported by XP. What makes this so interesting, at least to me is this – There is so much misinformation on social media and YouTube that sometimes it can be very difficult to find helpful, entertaining information on any particular metal detector. First off, most YouTube videos are not professionally shot and most are not scrutinized by the manufacturer before it’s released to ensure correct information is being shared. So not only is it professionally done with some very knowledgeable people and brought to the public it is fully supported by XP. I have to say, I am very impressed with XP getting involved in this endeavor, to me it speaks volumes to what a great company XP is.

Episode one

After having Dave on the podcast and him talking up the show I was looking forward to it being released. I have never had an Xp Deus (one of the few I have yet to get my hands on) but I was still excited to watch it. Once I seen it posted on Facebook I quickly clicked on the link and watched. I have to say I was very impressed, all put together professionally with great people. It is very informative yet every second is entertaining! I promise you don’t have to be an XP Deus fan to enjoy watching their show. I rarely have the time or patients to watch YouTube videos but I will watch this one every month!

Another very cool thing about the show is they want XP Deus users to be part of the team. They are asking for pictures, videos and they are reaching out to the XP community, again, this is another great idea on their part.  If you’re an XP Deus user I highly recommend tuning in every month, it’s going to be a very informative show with Gary Blackwell from the XP Deus skill school doing a segment each episode. Again, you don’t have to be an XP user to truly appreciate the show, I really enjoyed the hunts and finds in the first show and It’s only going to get better!

How to find XP Deus team USA

Their YouTube Channel

 Facebook: XP Deus Team USA

Twitter: XPdeusTeamUSA

Instragram: xpdteamusa

Email: xpdteamusa@gmail.com


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