Makro Multi-Kruzer detector review

This isn’t going to be one of my typical reviews or real in depth like some. I am going to touch on a few things I think are important but I am also going to focus on something else that has been on my mind when it comes to the Multi-Kruzer.

I have often referred to the Impact as in my top 3 of all-time best detectors I’ve used. Keep in mind I have used a LOT of detectors over the years, there are very few I haven’t had my hands on, past and present. When I’ve said it’s in my top 3 I had never put 1,2,3 on those top detectors. Recently, I got to thinking about it more in depth since having the Multi-Kruzer and I would have to say that both the Nokta Impact and now the Multi-Kruzer are in the #1 spot.

Why the Multi-Kruzer is #1 on my list

There are so many factors that make it #1 in my book that even go beyond performance but let’s start there. The Multi-Kruzer is lightweight, waterproof, lightning fast, easy to use/navigate and will go deep. It also comes with wireless headphones that I love. I build custom headphones for metal detecting and it’s the first time I have found a pair of stock headphones that I really like. Good tones, comfortable, lightweight and durable. Matter of fact (I am ashamed to admit this) I have accidentally dropped them down a flight of concrete stairs not once but TWICE now with not even so much as a scratch!

Another thing you will hear me mention over and over when it comes to the Multi-Kruzer (and Impact) is the Iron Audio. I am a relic hunter and the ability to run the detector wide open while turning the iron audio off or down low is an absolutely amazing feature that I can no longer live without. Most of my sites are littered with iron and with most detectors you have to run wide open and listen to all that iron which can drive a person crazy. The Multi-kruzer solved this issue in a big way with the Iron Audio feature. While I’m talking about relic hunting, something else worth mentioning is the recovery speed. I have hunted iron infested sites with the stock coil that any other detector I’ve used in the past I would have to go to a smaller coil. Although the recovery speed isn’t adjustable it just doesn’t matter with the Multi-kruzer, it can handle even some of the worst iron areas with the stock coil than many other detectors could with a much smaller coil.

More reasons it’s #1

I will buy a detector simply because it is a great detector, in the end that’s what it is all about and why I put the Mult-Kruzer in the #1 spot but the following is more about why you hear me talk about Makro/Nokta on my podcast so much and why I absolutely believe in the company and its people.

  • Customer service – Anyone who has dealt with a lot of different brands that I’ve spoken with all put Makro/Nokta at the top.
  • Innovative – So they make great detectors that work great but the waterproof, 4AA battery holder for the Kruzer line is an absolutely great Idea and I love mine. Just one of many innovative and awesome things I’ve come to love.
  • Ears to the ground – They are heavily involved in social media, forums and groups, listening to what the end users want and need.
  • Quality – No wobble, flexing, everything fits well
  • No Hype – No long and drawn out waiting, no long waiting list.
  • Options – The Kruzer series has only been out for a few short months and all accessories are available. They also offer 6 total coils for the Mult-kruzer!

What you need to know

I have never seen a detector influenced as much by the gain setting (sometimes referred to as sensitivity) as the Multi-Kruzer is. When you turn it on the stock setting is 70. It will pick up a freshly buried dime at 6 inches but not much more than that. Keep in mind detectors usually don’t like freshly buried targets and I’ve seen much more expensive detectors not pick up a freshly buried dime at 6 inches but have witnessed firsthand pick up dimes as deep as 10 inches that have been in the ground for years. What I found was by bumping up the gain on the Multi-Kruzer as far as I could with no chatter I could pick up a freshly buried dime at 10 inches! That’s huge! In my soil the magic number tends to be around 88.

I would suggest going to grounds you are familiar with and get to know how it runs in stock gain. Once familiar I would jump it up until you hear it chatter then back it off a number or two from where it stops chattering. This has worked well for me in many situations and I’m seeing great depth.

One thing I have noticed running the gain up high is the target numbers are a little jumpy. It’s something I have gotten used to. I have noticed that although jumpy the numbers they are very consistent. I hit two wheat pennies back to back and they were jumping exactly the same. A little less stable target ID is a trade off I am willing to make for extreme depths I’m seeing out of the Multi-Kruzer.

Two things I don’t love

I feel it is important to always mention things I don’t like about a detector. No detector is ever perfect. The S shaft fatigues my hand after many hours of use. I spent two days back to back with over 5 hours of hunting each day then went out the third morning and although the Multi-Kruzer is very lightweight I felt every ounce by the third morning. The problem facing any manufacturer is you can’t make it perfect for everyone. I suspect a few degrees different in the bend would solve that problem for me but at the same time probably effect a lot of other people negatively, you can’t make everyone happy and it’s something I can live with.

The second thing that I am not a huge fan of is the pinpoint button and its location. First, it is clustered in with the other buttons and very small. Although I haven’t hit another button on accident while pinpointing I suspect that will change when it’s cold out and I have gloves on. The other thing for me is I am left handed and swing with my left hand. The button sits left of the shaft which if you’re right handed (most people are) it’s very convenient, I find after several times bending my thumb that direction it will start to bother me.

Unlike my other reviews

I like to keep a review all about the detector I am reviewing, there is no sense in comparing it to other detectors. This case is a little different since at the same time the Kruzer series was released a very similar detector also hit the market.

I have heard great things about that other detector but I’ve also heard a lot of negative. From being on back-order with no news of when it will be available to accessories still not available. Another issue that several people have mentioned to me is a wobble, making the detector feel cheap.

On this other detector, if you want to run a separate battery you can use a battery bank. I mean at least you can still use it if you forget to charge your battery or if the internal battery goes bad but it’s no longer waterproof. I love how Makro came up with a waterproof battery holder that mounts nicely underneath the back of the shaft and is currently listed for $39.

This has not been confirmed but I am hearing that with this other detector you will only be able to purchase their coils. From my understanding they will make two coils available. I like to have options for coils and I don’t like when you are limited especially when you can’t buy aftermarket coils. Makro makes 6 coils for the multi-kruzer and Mars coils has several available.

I have not had the opportunity to use this detector or compare them but what I’ve stated above, I do not have to use it to come to my conclusion that I do not like those particular things mentioned. Although I haven’t used one I have talked with a few people who have had the chance to use both and they have chosen the Multi-Kruzer.  Just last night I had a call from someone who owns both and he went into great detail of why he likes the Multi-Kruzer better. I told him I was interested in trying the other to find out for myself and he informed me his is for sale!!

To say the Multi-Kruzer has made it to my #1 spot is huge. I have used some great detectors over the years and the other two in my top 3 have some great features, even some features I like better than the Multi-Kruzer or even a little better performance in some instances but overall the multi-kruzer for me is the better detector all around and is more versatile than the other two.

If you’re looking for the best, all around detector that’s easily available including the accessories and not to mention very affordable, from a company who listens and cares, I will recommend the Makro Multi-Kruzer hands down. It’s tough to make it to my top 3 list and it sits in first place!

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