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Long before Facebook and social media I spent much of my internet time in different metal detecting forums. Over the years I’ve watched many grow out of control and into something I no longer enjoyed being a part of. I literally stopped going to one when they created a forum section to talk like a pirate, NO JOKE! That’s not bad enough for you? What about a section to discuss fast food, recipes and your favorite music? No thanks, I like a simple forum that keeps it on point. There is plenty to talk about in this hobby and closely related subjects so the last thing I want is areas with this craziness.

Issues I’ve had

Many years back on one of the most popular forums and gentleman asked a question about his Minelab E-trac. This was probably over 10 years ago so I don’t remember the question or either of the two responses but I can assure you this, the answer he was given were absolutely incorrect. In the nicest way possible I responded in the politest way possible as to not offend anyone or hurt any feelings but I chimed in with the correct response. The same day the forum owner emailed me using every swear word possible and trashing me for my response. I did not know it at the time but one of the replies to the post was his. Even after I proved to him his answer was wrong he kept emailing me rude messages.

I have also found with many forums have their cliques and the last thing you want to do is disagree or go against that clique. I once found a very old button I posted in a section for identifying items. I posted good pictures and it was quickly misidentified followed up by about 10 people agreeing with the original person who identified it stating that he was correct and he’s the “button expert”. I then turned around and sent emails along with the same pictures to two different button experts who both identified it correctly and it was not what this so called button expert on the forum said it was.

Social Media

Several years back it got to the point I just couldn’t find a forum I liked. Even ones I once loved had changed so much I just couldn’t get into them anymore. I turned to social media like so many have but it left a void. You just don’t find the in depth conversations and information like I had found on the forums. You will see a lot of finds sure but very little actual conversation and sharing of ideas and in depth discussions on certain aspects of the hobby or individual detectors.

Another issue I have with social media is it isn’t regulated like a good forum is. Even specific groups let some crazy stuff fly sometimes that drives me crazy. I’ve seen several arguments over what the best metal detector is, I’ve seen people rudely called out, I’ve seen people post obvious fakes and watched people attacked who call them on it. I’ve seen bold statements like “brand X is the best detector ever made and everything else is junk! Another thing that drives me crazy is when someone posts something to get an ID and everyone has jokes. If you know me you know I love to joke and have fun but there’s a time and a place. You just get a different attitude on social media.

Detector/Prospector forum

About four months back it was the middle of the night and I just got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep. Something was on my mind, I don’t recall what except that it was metal detecting related. I started searching and I came across an article that had nothing to do with what I was researching but caught my attention. It was about the Whites MX Sport and the issues it was having in the beginning. It was so well written, I was hooked. I quickly figured out I was on the Detector/Prospector forum. I looked up some other stuff Steve Hershbach had written and I was very impressed. This wasn’t reason enough to join the forum by any means but as the sun was coming up (many hours later) after I had spent several hours on the forum, I was hooked and had to join!

Rocky start!

Have you ever written something and not read through it well and before you know it you made a mistake? Well that’s exactly what happened to me! I wrote something that was not meant to be but came across rude and was easily interpreted as me putting down Mr. Herschbach. What impressed me was everyone who responded was civil about it and Steve even stood up for me! Once I realized what I had written and how I had upset some folks I quickly corrected my mistake but how everyone acted and especially Steve was very impressive.

What makes Detector/Prospector special?

First, it is just easy on the eyes, it’s clean, easy to use and navigate and it’s not cluttered. It is so on subject and to the point with no unnecessary forums at all. I love the layout and simplicity, it’s so to the point I asked Steve if he could add a section for introductions!

The people are great on there and Steve runs a tight ship. I haven’t seen any cliques, bickering, egos or anything of the sort. It’s just pure metal detecting talk by good people who love the hobby. At the same time Steve allows a lot of things to go on that other forums wouldn’t allow because they became so commercialized with sponsors that weren’t allowed to be offended.

What really does it for me is the content. The in depth discussion and back and forth on so many of the subjects, it’s what I’ve really missed when I left all the other forums. As I watched the forums grow I also seen less and less good content, smug, rude comments and less content. You don’t come across this kind of thing on the detector/prospector forum.

If you’re looking for a place where you won’t be judged, can really learn from some great people I would suggest joining. It’s not a place you have to worry about being judged and anyone into metal detecting and prospecting is welcome.


You can visit the forum here.

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