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Makro/Nokta huge announcements at Detectival


I knew Makro/Nokta was sponsoring Detectival and I was even privy to a couple of the announcements coming but I had no clue just how big it was going to be! Last year Minelab sponsored Detectival, I believe Dilek of Makro/Nokta wanted to beat last year’s performance of someone parachuting onto the field. Dilek was buried underground for 2 hours until someone “detected” her! I think she nailed it!

As entertaining as that was let’s be honest, everyone wants to know why Makro/Nokta decided to sponsor the show. They must have a big announcement right? They didn’t have a big announcement, they had several!

The Announcements

First –  Makro/Nokta is going to start labeling their products as Makro/Nokta. No more detectors or products under different names being made by the same engineers under the same roof.

Second – The Invenio was there and shown around. I’m not going to go into much detail about it because it is targeting professionals and Archeologists but basically it’s a detector that will give you a view of what’s in the ground, shape, size and much more. At a price tag of around 10,000 dollars though the technology is a little out of reach yet for the hobbyist.

Third – A new waterproof pin pointer that quickly and easily turns into a dive detector.

Fourth – The new Anfibio, a waterproof detector offered in three configurations. 5/14/20 KHz, 14 KHz and 20 KHz.

Fifth – The new Simplex was announced! I have to be honest this was one of the most exciting announcements for me for a few reasons. This detector is going to be somewhere in the entry level price range yet it is waterproof and comes with a DD coil! This has never been done before, not in this price range. Of course we will have to see how it performs. As innovative as Makro/Nokta have been and the quality they put out I have very high hopes of this detector ruling the entry price range of detectors.

Sixth – A new detector is in the works that will simultaneously run multiple frequencies. Huge news to begin with but even better is they want input from us detectorists on what features we would like to see in this detector. Again, something I’ve never seen before and speaks huge volumes to what an innovative company they are who listen to us, the users.

Creating a little drama

I will admit, for years I have complained to my fellow detectorists that I am tired of manufacturers not being innovative enough, relabeling the same old technology, putting it in a new shiny package, adding letters or numbers and releasing the same old thing. Believe me when I say many fellow detectorists have felt the same way I have.

Makro/Nokta have just been killing it with new technology and introducing new technology like I’ve never seen before in all of my years in the hobby. Hands down, in my book they are the most innovative metal detector manufacturer out there! They aren’t just pumping out the same old thing, they are hitting us with innovative, top of the line detectors.

I think the real controversy is the new Anfibio. I’ve had several people complain to me that they just bought the Kruzer and now they announced the Anfibio. To be honest, I’ve been really surprised. Some of these same people have complained to me in the past about how the manufacturers have been so slow to release new detectors. Makro/Nokta comes along and gives so many of us exactly what we have been asking for and people are now upset? Please keep in mind that the Anfibio is going to cost more than the Kruzer line of detectors. It’s not like they sold us on a 900 dollar detector then a year later announced another waterproof detector than is now 700 dollars. Instead they have done opposite of that. I could understand if they released the more expensive one first but that simply isn’t the case.

The Anfibio is not going to make your current detector obsolete! I recently talked to a guy who is using the Racer II who now wants the Anfibio. I asked him if he was bothered by how quickly Makro/Nokta is putting new technology out on the market and he laughed and said “I want the Anfibio but I will not get rid of my Racer, It will still be an important tool to me” and I couldn’t agree more! New detectors will come out on the market that I will own but I can tell you my Multi-Kruzer will not only be in my arsenal for many years to come it will still be relevant.

The Future

I couldn’t be happier about Makro/Nokta’s announcements at Detectival. Asking the masses for suggestions on a detector in the making is unheard of. A waterproof, DD coil detector in the entry level price range is poised to take over. It speaks volumes about the company. If you’ve talked to me, listened to my podcast or even read some of my articles you know I personally believe they are the hottest company out there. Ever since I tried the Impact and spoke to Dilek just one time I knew Makro/Nokta was going to do big things but I honestly never thought just a year later they would be making all of these big announcements.

If you’re late to the game you better take notice, Makro/Nokta is hungry, care about their customers, they want your business and in my opinion they are putting out the most innovative detectors on the market at an affordable price.

Makro/Nokta is pretty new to the scene and its refreshing watching a manufacturer do it their way. Not following the path of other manufacturers who have left us hanging sometimes years just to repackage or rename the same old thing, a company that is asking for our input on the features we want. Makro/Nokta is setting a new standard. If other manufacturers aren’t scrambling right now to bring new and innovative detectors to the market I feel they will quickly be left behind.

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