Is it the end for Tesoro metal detectors?

Last night I noticed a message on my Instragram account and I was shocked that someone had contacted me to find out if I heard Tesoro laid everyone off. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! He then sent me a link to the post on the Treasurenet forum. I’m not going to name anyone in this article but this was coming from a reputable gentleman.

I couldn’t find anything else so I took to Facebook to see if anyone else had heard. Some people couldn’t believe it while others said they had seen it coming but to this point no one had really heard anything. I stayed on Facebook looking for any more news on the matter with mostly just speculation coming in.

This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was check Facebook. Of course there was a lot more talk going on and more coming in that it appeared Tesoro did lay everyone off. I waited for Tesoro to be open as I wanted to talk to them myself. I made three calls today that went unanswered which is never a good sign! Throughout the day a few more trusted people had called Tesoro and had somehow managed to speak with them and was confirmed to them that indeed Tesoro laid everyone off in the factory and would soon be closing their doors.

End of an Era

Anyone who knows me can tell you that Tesoro has had a special place in my heart for a number of years. I remember the first time I had the opportunity to use a Tesoro. One was loaned to me for a month to use. It just happened to be spring and the fields weren’t planted yet. I had heard a lot of great things about Tesoro over the years but I will be honest with you, when I unboxed it and seen the size of the housing and that gold shaft, I wasn’t impressed!

I asked to use it so I felt like even if it looked like a toy I had to give it a chance. Within hours of relic hunting with it I was hooked and no longer seen it as a toy. That single tone, toy looking detector went through the iron better than any other detector I had ever used up to that point and I found myself pulling stuff out at great depth as well!

I fell in love with Tesoro detectors for their ability to work through the iron but I know people who can work through modern trash with them and find coins better than a lot of people can with VDI detectors. Then there were so many who bought them for their lifetime warranty and although I’m not a seeded hunt person I have heard they are very popular with those folks.


Why Tesoro fell

I’m really torn over this. It’s now after midnight and it has been on my mind all day. On one hand I blame Tesoro for not keeping up. All of these detectors with sleek designs, multiple frequencies, VDI, Waterproof and the list goes on. While Tesoro on the other hand kept it really simple and hadn’t changed much since their beginning.

On the other hand I think a whole generation of detectorists have no idea what they’ve missed out on and never got to understand the beauty in the simplicity that was Tesoro. Until recently I had not come across a detector that worked better in iron than a Tesoro and that is in all the price ranges. So many people I have talked to over the years just couldn’t wrap their mind around something so simple could beat out their hi-tech looking metal detector. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t convince them, some even after proving it to them!

A sad day

While many could care less, I will mourn the loss of a great American company who made great detectors. It’s depressing to me that so many I know could have benefited from a Tesoro who couldn’t put down their hi-tech detector for a moment to give them a chance. I feel sorry for the people who lost their jobs along with the people who have loved and followed Tesoro who like me, are sad to see them go. Like others, I wish something could be done, it could have gone a different way but in the end we will just have to move on.

A lot of metal detectors have come and gone in my life but Tesoro detectors will always be in my collection and I will still use them for many years to come.

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11 thoughts on “Is it the end for Tesoro metal detectors?

  1. I’ve heard restructuring and downsizing is i t really a possibility? I wanted a tesoro for years bought two of them back in august a tiger shark and Mojave I don’t have any regrets in my purchase. New models still available and they still offer lifetime waranty at the places their sold?

    1. From my understanding Tesoro is still doing repairs for now as they figure out what they are going to do. I’ve heard rumors of re-structuring or selling and even that they will completely close. For now warranty is good but if they close their doors then obviously the warranty will be void.

  2. Doesn’t matter how many brands, models detectors you have used and owned thru the years. If you have ever used a Tesoro, you always have good fun memories of using them. And usually still have one kicking around, or seem to latch onto another. They are easy to use and do find lots of treasure. I still own and acquire some to pass around.

  3. Sorry to hear of the end of the Tesoro Company. I have had a Tesoro Tiger Shark for years and guys who water detect have come and bowered my Detector to find fine ladies necklaces. I seriously don’t think there is a better water detector. I have found hundreds upon hundreds of rings with this detector. I even have a new Equinox 800, but I still use my Tiger Shark,

    So long Old Friend, Tesoro Company, your still number 1 in my books!


  4. Good article Mike………..thought something was wrong when you said Nathan Jaeger had left the company on one of your programs about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Sad news indeed will never get rid of my Tesoro’s there just something about them that makes me smile when I use them.

  5. Sad news indeed. My first detector was a Lobo Super Traq and it’s an awesome machine. Light weight and works great in highly mineralized soil.

  6. The magic question now is if anyone will provide service. I know my lifretime warranty is no more, but I’d pay a fair price to keep my machines running.

    The only positive on this is now that my warranty is done, I guess it is time to start modding my Compadre.

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