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Nokta/Makro’s new Anfibio metal detector

At Detectival this year Nokta/Makro announced their new Anfibio series of detectors. It comes in multiple frequency 5,14 and 20 KHz, the Anfibio 14 and the Anfibio 19.

If you have read any of my other articles I’ve done on Nokta/Makro or follow the all metal mode podcast you are fully aware that I am a huge fan of the company and their detectors. I probably talk about them too much to be honest but it’s been a lot of years since I’ve truly been excited about a metal detecting company. My opinion is they are the most innovative company out there right now and they care about their customers. I was blown away when they announced at Detectival they are working on a new detector that will run multiple frequencies simultaneously and what the publics input on what features they want to see on the detector. I could go on and on but let me get back on subject.

I do not have an Anfibio yet but I believe I have tracked down every video I can and read everything I could find. Great depth, fast recovery, handling wet sand and from everything I’m seeing, Nokta/Makro has hit another home run! Something I have grown to love about their detectors is how all your programs and settings are right on the screen making it very easy to navigate, I’m happy to see that they haven’t got away from that. I know I’ve already mentioned it but the straight shaft design is a home run in my book, something about a straight shaft to me has always felt easier to swing and better balanced.

Another thing that has impressed me with Nokta/Makro is their coil selection. Most manufacturers seem to only be making a few coils for their detectors while Nokta/Makro usually offers several. The Anfibio is no exception, there are 8 coil options available! Again, if you listen to the podcast you know I am a big fan of concentric coils in heavy iron and they even offer one concentric.

As we see it in the hands of more users I think you will find this will be another homerun from Nokta/Makro, a company I have come to love and respect!

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