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Nokta/Makro metal detector coils

If you listen to the All Metal Mode Podcast or have read many of my articles then you know I’m a big fan of Nokta/Makro metal detectors. One of the things that I admire about the company is they listen to us, the end users. There is probably no better example of this than the amount of coils they offer to us detectorists.
Over the years, with different detectors I have had mixed results with aftermarket coils. Personally I have always had good luck using the coils offered by the manufacturer of the detector while I have had some okay aftermarket coils along with a few that were about useless. The problem is most metal detector manufacturers offer very few coils for their detectors forcing us to the aftermarket side for coils to suit our specific needs better.
I believe the aftermarket coil manufacturers have come a long way. I have used a few I like a lot over the years and have heard reports of some great performance out of some others. Again, I still prefer to use coils made by the manufacturer if they make a comparable coil I am looking for. I have always felt I get better performance from the same people who designed and built the detector.

DD vs Concentric

This isn’t an education in coils nor am I the person to educate you on coils but there are a few things I think that need discussed before I start talking about the different coils.
Although there are a few different coil designs in use we are going to discuss DD coils and Concentric since these are the coils most often used on most modern metal detectors.

DD Coils – A DD coil is sending down the signal the length of the coil, down the center bar in a narrow path. DD coils are the most common coils used. They tend to work better in mineralized ground and soil with a lot of trash.
Concentric coils – Tend to go deeper but imagine a waffle cone, as the signal goes down it gets narrower. Although by the time it reaches fringe depth it’s seeing very little they tend to be deeper coils when you compare a similar size DD coil.
Although concentric coils have lost favor over the last several years I still like them and use them often. I tend to prefer them in heavy iron and when going to smaller coils I know I will usually get more depth compared to a similar size DD coil.

Coil Sizes

When it comes to coils, without a doubt the most asked question I get is why there are different size coils. Simply put, larger coils will cover more ground quicker and will often times go deeper. Whereas smaller coils obviously cover less ground, don’t go as deep but they really work well in heavy trash or iron, often sneaking out good finds that big coils just can’t find in the heavy trash due to so many targets under the coil at the same time.
You wouldn’t want to try and cover 10 acres with a 5 inch coil with minimal targets in the field. Just like you wouldn’t want to try to detect a small park littered with trashing spanning decades with a 15 inch coil.

Nokta/Makro coils

I have had the opportunity to use a handful of Nokta/Makro coils now and I could end this article now by just saying I am very impressed but I guess I should explain a little further.
Between the Impact, Multi-Kruzer and now the Anfibio I have used the 7 inch concentric, 7.5 X 4 inch DD coil, 9.5 X 5 DD coil, 11 inch DD coil, 11 X 7 DD coil and the 15 X 14 DD coil. There are only a few I haven’t used. The 9 inch concentric, 5 inch DD coil and the 13.5 X 13 DD coils. As you can see they offer a lot of options for their detectors which is rarely seen from manufacturers anymore.

15×14 DD coil – This coil is an absolute beast and will really cover some ground when working big, open areas. One of the things that surprised me with this coil is its ability to work in trash and iron. Of course not as good as a much smaller coil but it has been impressive in moderate trash. One of the reasons I wanted this coil was for working farm fields in Ohio to cover some ground while looking for possible other sites where I already have a permission. I found I could only swing it for a very short period of time due to the corn and bean stubble. I know it’s asking a lot but I would love to see Nokta/Makro make an optional solid scuff cover for coils over say 10 inches. The depth you can expect out of this coil in low to moderate trash is phenomenal. Slow your swing down in trashy areas where you expect deep coins and relics and you can still sneak some good stuff out. I recently visited Ohio and spent the week relic hunting in the farm fields. Just to see if I could do it I worked it in the heaviest of iron and was surprised with the outcome. I found if I slowed down it was still usable. If you have ever hunted sites like this you know how much iron is present, for this reason I was very impressed with this coil.

11” DD coil – Although I have used it I don’t have enough time on it to say much yet. I will however say that so far it has worked flawlessly. This is the new stock coil that comes on the Anfibio. Very soon I will do a head to head comparison between this coil and the 11X7 DD coil that comes standard on the Kruzer line of detectors.
11 X 7 DD coil – this coil comes stock on the Impact and Kruzer line of detectors. Very solid performer and an absolutely great, all around coil. Incredible depth, great target separation and will still work great in heavy trash and iron.
9.5 X 5 DD – This is an absolutely great coil. Smaller than the stock coil yet it still can cover some ground while really working well in trashy areas. This has become one of my favorite coils especially for trashy sites. A little depth is lost over the standard coil which is to be suspected but still a great performer.
7.5 X 4 DD – Another solid performer and a great coil for working in those tight places. I love the closed design for working in fields and between the rows. It’s also great working up against foundations, along fences, playground equipment etc.
7 Inch Concentric – This has become one of my favorite coils especially when I’m trying to work out good targets in heavy iron. I just came back from a weeklong trip in Ohio where I used this coil 90% of the time in the fields. Great performance in the heavy iron and a great size. Excited to try the new 9 Inch Concentric that has recently been released.

If you have a Nokta/Makro metal detector I highly recommend their coils. Every one I’ve used has been great and worked flawlessly. I appreciate Nokta/Makro listening to their users and offering a wide range of coils and accessories.

Nokta/Makro metal detectors

Nokta/Makro coils


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