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Predator tools Hornet and Yorktown shovels

Just before my Ohio trip, about a month ago I received the Predator tools model 45 Hornet and the 42 Yorktown. It’s pretty senseless to write about the quality concerning anything made by George Lesche at Predator tools. What you need to know is this. Each piece is made by George using certified American steel then each piece is individually heat treated properly. The end result is the best designed, toughest tools available and I’ve not even seen anything close! One thing about quality you need to know when discussing any tool is heat treating. You saw above where I said “heat treated properly” this is a very important aspect considering so many other tool manufacturers are doing it incorrectly while others don’t even do it! I’ve seen and heard of several knock offs bending like butter!
Enough about Quality, let’s talk about design. Like many, I’ve had a Piranha for several years along with the model 85 hand digger. Although I have loved the Piranha it wasn’t the greatest for hunting in loose dirt like farm fields. It doesn’t move a lot of loose dirt but I have perfected cutting nice plugs in grass with it.

Model 42 Yorktown

I used the Model 42 Yorktown for the most part while I was field hunting in Ohio. I thought it was the perfect design for field hunting until I seen the Hornet and now it’s debatable! The curve to the Yorktown’s blade really helped me move dirt quick and although the blade is flat, I found it easy to push into the ground and even through corn and bean roots. The serrated edges make light work of any roots you might run into. Like all their shovels it is chrome-Moly making it strong and lightweight. I love this shovel and think it’s perfect for field hunting. Coming in at 39 ¾ inches overall length makes it great for me at 6 foot 3 inches tall, I really enjoyed the length and felt like it was perfect.
If you prefer the D handle style shovels they also offer the Model 42 D Lexington. It is the same blade design but overall length is a little shorter at 35 1/8. After using the hornet I realized I also love Predator tools D handle design and I would probably have to recommend the Lexington if you’re under 6 foot tall.

Model 45 Hornet

I am not the type of person who would buy something because I think it looks cool. Although I think everything Predator tools makes is not just great looking but works of art. From the blade designs, welds, craftsmanship… they offer it all. BUT the Hornet has to be the coolest looking shovel I’ve ever seen but don’t let its beauty fool you, this thing is a BRUTE!!
I have had more than a few hand diggers and shovels from Predator tools and I have been hard on them. I will go as far as saying I’ve tried to break them. There’s just something in me that wants to see how much punishment they can take before they fail. I can tell you that all 6 ft 3 325 lbs of me has not been able to do it! I’ve pried up huge rocks, cut through the toughest roots, jumped up and down on them and I’ve never bent, chipped or broke any part of a predator tool. So why George decided he needed to make something even stronger is beyond me but I love it! The 45, simply put, is a BEAST! If you need to pry boulders, beat on tanks, cut down trees or you just want a super good shovel that will take anything, then I would have to suggest the hornet. I didn’t use it much because Steph picked it to use field hunting on our Ohio trip. Even though it comes in a pound heavier than the Yorktown she had no trouble carrying it around. At 5 foot 2 inches and 125 lbs she found it easy getting it in the ground and moving dirt quickly with it. I love the point, making it easy to penetrate any ground conditions and the blade is cupped which helps scoop out dirt making it perfect to quickly dig a hole.

Hornet Vs Yorktown

No doubt the Yorktown will be my pick for farm fields. It worked flawlessly for what I wanted and a little lighter than the Hornet. The Hornet on the other hand I think is a little more versatile with the blade coming to a point, making it easier to get into the ground. I’m not saying the Yorktown wouldn’t work in a lot of different situations I just think the Hornet would get some jobs done easier like digging in wooded areas.
The bottom line is this. Predator tools has once again brought some awesome new tools to the market. They offer so many different tools and after using the Hornet and Yorktown I’ve come to understand why Predator tools offers so many different shovels. Although many of their tools can meet many needs George has done an incredible job at meeting any need you could possibly have.

If you are tired of breaking diggers, carrying around a clunky shovel, sharpening junk tools or using poorly thought out tools it’s time to step up to the best, Predator tools!

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  1. Great article! I am looking to upgrade because I am tired of having to unbend my shovel and am planning to buy myself a new one after the holidays.

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