NEW Nokta/Makro Simplex is coming!!

For some time now it seems the focus from the manufacturers has been on the mid to high range detectors. Several new detectors in those ranges have hit the market over the past few years and for good reason. The focus has really been on the mid-price range I believe due to the popularity of the Garrett At line of detectors. We’ve even seen what appears to be manufacturers known for much more expensive metal detectors scrambling to get something closer into the mid-range price. For example, Minelab with the Equinox series, Whites with the MX Sport and XP with the ORX.

 Although I think up until now there are some good beginner price range detectors it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new unless you count the last release a few years back by one of the major manufacturers that is not popular and for good reason. Personally I haven’t heard anything positive about that line.

 When Nokta/Makro announced the Simplex at the 2018 Detectival event in England a lot of people took notice, including me. I can say until the Simplex announcement I have never really been excited about a beginner range metal detector or at least nothing like this.

What we know

With it not ready to be released it is very hard to get information about the new detector but there are a few things worth mentioning. So far it appears to be on a straight shaft, light weight and I hear that a DD coil is going to be offered on it at least at one of the price points. It is also going to be waterproof and have wireless capabilities for headphones!

 For these reasons I keep telling people to take notice. As far as I see it Nokta/Makro is the most innovative manufacturer out there. I currently own three different Nokta/Makro detectors and although I have not used the Simplex yet I have no doubt it will be a great detector. This detector is set to take over the entry level price range!

 Although it has not been announced officially I have heard rumors its set to be launched sometime in April.  I for one am excited to see what this detector is capable of and I think it could start a whole new trend among the metal detector manufacturers!

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5 thoughts on “NEW Nokta/Makro Simplex is coming!!

  1. I got a Simplex last weekend. And I like it.
    Good battery life
    Easy to operate
    Goes deep
    Finding some coins already
    Numbers seem unreliable, maybe that is also me needing more time to learn and understand.

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