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Magic coils review for A/T Pro

Several months back a friend of mine was looking to buy a bigger coil for his AT pro. We were talking on the phone one evening and he was looking on E-bay for coils. He come across a Magic coil. What caught his attention was the price, a 13” coil for his AT Pro for just $120.00.

 I advised him to not buy it for obvious reasons. First, I had never heard of Magic coils and second, the price being so low had me concerned that they might not be made very well. The subject of our conversation changed and I didn’t think about Magic coils again. A few weeks later though I saw someone talking about their magic coil. I had to go to E-bay to make sure it was the same coil my friend and I had talked about a few weeks earlier. The guy who was talking about his Magic coil was happy with it and I decided I had to give them a try.

Something you should know

In the past I have had some really negative experiences with aftermarket coils and for a long time I have recommended that if the Manufacturer of the metal detector makes a coil size you’re looking for, buy from the manufacturer.

 Some of the issues I’ve had in the past is noisy coils, a lot more chatter and falsing than stock coils. Another problem I witnessed a lot was depth Gage all over the place. For example I had a few coils that if you had a group of dimes at 4 inches it might tell you 6 inches on one, 2 inches on another… these coils were all over the place on a detector that was spot on at giving you the correct depth with the stock and other coils from the manufacturer. Hoping to gain depth with larger coils I’ve tried a few aftermarket coils with no luck. They might go deeper but the ones I’ve tried again were noisy. Of course a bigger coil you risk having more targets under it so when you add the fact it’s chatty it really makes it difficult.

 I’ve even had two coils that broke after not having them very long. One I bought from a close friend who only had a few hours on it. A few more hours added on it from me and it went completely crazy. Unfortunately my friend had the coil for a long time, sitting around before I finally talked him into selling it. He felt so bad he offered to give me my money back, I knew the life of the coil and knew he barely used it and didn’t abuse it so I declined.

Magic coils Review

Between my previous experience with aftermarket coils and the extremely low prices of the Magic coils I will be the first to admit I didn’t have high hopes for these coils to make me happy. Even a few of the most popular aftermarket coils on the market right now that are as much as double in price as the magic coils have mixed reviews so how could a coil close to half the price as those impress me?

 I started with the 13” coil. I put it on the AT Pro and headed to my test garden which consists of 3 dimes buried at 6, 8 and 10 inches deep.  The 6” and 8” dimes was no problem but I couldn’t hit the 10” dime. I had the same outcome I had with the stock At Pro coil. Admittedly I was a little disappointed but I was aware that the ground was really dry and decided to try when it was a little wetter. A week or so later I waited a few days after it had rained. The ground wasn’t saturated but it wasn’t dry either. The 13” coil had no problem hitting even the 10” dime. I decided to try the stock coil again and I wasn’t able to hit the 10” dime so that made me happy.

13″ Magic coil

The 13” DD  Magic coil

My first time out for real detecting I decided to go out to a trashy park and put the 13” coil to the test. I wanted to see how that big coil would handle a lot of targets. I have to say it worked flawlessly and I was impressed. During a few breaks, after some good use and a baseline I decided I would start abusing it. Smacking it against trees, bending and kinking the cord and beating it on the ground, part of me wanted to break this coil to see how much abuse it would take. It just kept working flawlessly and I found myself attached to it and I decided I no longer wanted to break it.

 The Depth gage works well, considering it is 13 inches it handled even the trashiest sites great. Although it’s a big coil it’s not heavy at all, I was really surprised I could swing it with ease for long periods of time.

The 5×8 DD Magic coil

After using the 13” coil I was really excited to try the 5×8 Magic coil because I also have the Garrett 5×8 coil and I could really test them side by side. The first thing I did was take them both to my test garden or my three buried dimes at 6”, 8” and 10 inches. I started with the Garrett coil which picked up the 6 inch dime but I couldn’t get it to hit on the 8’ dime. I then switched to the Magic coil and although the Garrett hit the 6 inch dime it sounded better using the Magic coil. The real proof for me was when the Magic coil also hit the 8 inch coil that the stock 5×8 Garrett couldn’t, I was surprised to say the least.

 Next I went to one of my trashiest spots with the Magic coil and I was impressed. I expected I would be considering how well the 13” Magic handled the trash and the 5×8 sure didn’t let me down. I’v since used it several times and absolutely love it.

This is the longest I have ever waited to give a review. I wanted to make sure I put these coils through their paces. After many hours on these two coils I have nothing but good things to say about them. When I got these coils I wasn’t expecting to do a good review. Matter of fact I thought it would cement my belief that you should always stick with stock coils when you can but after using the Magic coils I am left second guessing myself.

 If you’re looking for very affordable aftermarket coils I can personally say that I recommend the Magic coils. Mine have taken a beating and worked perfect with no issues. They have been the only coils I have used on the At Pro since I mounted them to the shafts! I like these coils so much I will be purchasing a few coils for my X-terra 70.

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