Knock off metal detectors

Recently I have been seeing a lot of discussion on knock off metal detectors and pin pointers. Many people seem to be drawn to the cheap prices. After all they look the same, they must be similar to the same quality right? Highly unlikely although some who have purchased these knock offs claim they are as same as the original or as good. We will look into that a little later into the article.

Two types of knock offs

There are the products that are almost exact replicas (at least from the outward appearance) right down to the logos and the box. Often times it would take an expert to tell the difference. I remember years back when Minelabs GPX’s and the E-track was being copied. If I remember correctly the only real way to tell was one of the logos on the box did not match up to the exact location on the real detector. Then there are other that look just like the original product but with a different name.

Common reasons for buying knock off detectors

Please understand this is not how I feel about it rather some of the reasons I have seen over the past few months.

  • The original manufacturer charges to much for their detectors
  • What does it matter, it doesn’t hurt anyone
  • If it works I’ve saved a lot of money
  • Everything is made in china, it’s probably made by the same company in china anyhow

My response

For a moment let’s assume that the quality of the electronics in the knock offs is as good as the originals.. Again let’s just assume. There is a huge difference between engineering something from nothing and copying something. Not only did the electronics have to be designed but what about the housing, shaft, coils? A lot of time, engineering and testing goes into the original product, something these knock offs do not have cost in.

 Who does it hurt? It hurts the original manufacturer, the purchaser and in the end, the consumer. How is that you ask? Well obviously it is taking money away from the original manufacturer, they lost a sale. The purchaser now has an inferior product that will most likely never perform like the original nor will it last long. It hurts the consumer as a whole, taking enough money away from the manufacturer will in turn leave less money for Research and Development.

Yes, true if it works you’ve saved a lot of money the problem is it will never work as well as the original. Just today I seen a few people arguing that this knock off detector is just as good with the same internal electronics, all you have to do is change out the coil and use the original manufacturers coil. Well there’s a big red flag. How can you say the electronics are the same and as good as the originals right after you say the coils are bad? I think at the point we all know someone who has bought a knock off pin pointer yet I have not heard of one person whose knock off worked anywhere nearly as good as the original.

It’s all made in China right? Technically, probably yes, that does not mean all the electrical components are made of the same quality. It also does not mean the same high standard of quality control goes into the knock offs. I will be the first to admit I don’t know everything about China but I know there are workers who are treated fair then there are those who aren’t. It’s highly unlikely the parts are made in the same factory but of course I am only speculating.

Not trying to hurt feelings

Nor am I judging anyone! I’m just like anyone else, I’m looking for the best investment for my money and I understand the allure of these copycat products. In the end though I can assure you it’s worth saving up for the original product. You’re supporting the manufacturer and your hard earned money is going into a good product made by people who are treated fairly!

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1 thought on “Knock off metal detectors

  1. In addition to that, they ruin the company’s reputation. It is hard to tell the difference between the original and the copy. So When you buy a new device and it turns out to have a horrible quality, you’ll blame the company not those who copied it.

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