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Relic hunting with the C-scope 6MXi detector

I recently did a review of the C-scope 6MXi that you can find HERE at Dirt Digest Magazine. My plan was to use it here in Texas at some different spots and do my review. After using it at an iron infested site I then planned take it to Ohio to do some relic hunting with it and finish the review. I was able to get some good time on the detector here in Texas but unfortunately plans changed and I wasn’t able to make the trip to Ohio.

 The reason I decided I wanted to take it to Ohio is I was so impressed with its ability to handle the heavy iron and I suspected in heavy iron it would really excel. Unfortunately I don’t have any sites here in Texas in plowed fields. I decided to get a hold of my good friend, Donnie Lang in Ohio who spends most of his time in the fields where houses and other structures were that have been gone a hundred years or more and iron is the most challenging part and asked him if he would use it relic hunting. Donnie was happy to give it a try.

AMM: How many hours were you able to put on the 6MXi

Donnie: (long pause, some mumbling, I hear Donnie pulling his socks off to count his toes) I would say a minimum of 20 hours.

AMM: How did it do in the iron?

Donnie: It did really good! It did better in the heavy iron than any other metal detector I’ve used for relic hunting. It stumbled less and it locked onto good targets with ease even in the heaviest of iron. After a few sites I also realized I was digging a lot less iron, the 6MXi got fooled a lot less by iron than the other detectors I’ve used.  Something you and I have discussed is how I keep going back to these sites with my other detectors and there is a lot more things found. With the 6MXi once I hunted a site, the next time I would come back I would be lucky to find a few more relics.

AMM: What did you think about the overall build and quality?

Donnie: I really like the straight shaft design and the handle being adjustable from side to side and up and down the shaft was really nice. When I first went out with it I kept the control housing mounted to the shaft the first few times and found it pleasant to swing. I decided to take the control housing off and mount it to myself and I really like that, you know working the fields can really take a toll on your shoulder and arm but there is no weight to it and a pleasure to swing with the control housing off.

AMM:  I had heard rumors that the C-scopes aren’t real deep detectors. When I was testing here in Texas I had absolutely no complaints and thought it performed well. What was your experience like? Did you find any targets at impressive depth?

Donnie: I found some deeper targets with no problem. 8 to 10 inches on smaller targets was common. Something else I meant to tell you is the 6MXi Loves lead. It locked onto coins great but seemed to like lead even more. I suspect civil war relic hunters would like this detector a lot.

AMM: what did you think about the C-scope over all?

Donnie: I’ve really enjoyed the 6MXi. It’s so simple to set up, it worked better in the heavy iron than anything else I’ve used for relic hunting, super lightweight and comfortable to swing all day long. I loved being able to quickly take the control housing off the shaft and mount it to me which made the pinpoint easily accessible and made the detector a pleasure to swing even in the most challenging ground.

AMM: Donnie, I’m a little concerned that you liked it so much that I’m going to have trouble getting it back. I’m getting it back right?

Donnie:  yo _re c_tt_ng out Mike I ca_’t  _ear you

AMM: DONNIE I WANT MY 6MXi back! Donnie!? Donnie?!! DONNIE…..

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