Mike Haer

I always loved history even from an early age. My favorite class in school was Ohio history. My brother got me into metal detecting a little over 20 years ago. Our first metal detectors weren’t much and I think we would have done better with pin pointers taped to sticks! We both quickly moved up to better machines.

I started a metal detecting forum called “buckeye treasure hunter” for Ohio metal detecting. It was great and a lot of good things came out of it. I watched many friendships develop and witnessed people finding hunting partners through the forum and even watched a few metal detecting clubs form with help from the forum.

Metal detecting didn’t really get good for me until I bought my first Minelab Explorer and then soon after a Minelab E-trac when I became a Minelab dealer. Switching to a Minelab was incredible, suddenly I was finding old coins and relics on a regular basis. I started going out every day I could, sometimes every day for weeks at a time!

Life was great, I was out metal detecting all the time and making a living off of selling metal detectors and custom headphones that I built myself. I later became a multi-line dealer and I was fortunate enough to meet and talk to so many great people in Ohio and across the country.

After about 8 years of business things really started to slow down, I was no longer making a living selling metal detectors, the forum slowed down and after a few bad incidents with few fellow detectorists, I needed a break. I eventually quit selling metal detectors, shut down the forum (that was costing me too much money) and rarely metal detected with anyone else except a few close friends. It took me a few years to understand where I went wrong with the business. Sometimes you’re just too close to the problem to figure it out. I miss selling metal detectors and I wish I could have seen what the problem was back then and corrected it but all we can do is live and learn.

Eleven months ago I moved to Texas. I sold everything but my Lesche 85 and Raven shovel before I moved to Texas. I needed a break from the hobby but I knew I would get back into it. Metal detecting has been my passion for 20 years. Bob Washabaugh and I remained friends and still talked often, he got me excited again and he has no idea how much I appreciate him still calling me and talking metal detecting. I needed that break from the hobby and although it was only 9 months without a detector I hadn’t been as passionate about it like I once was for a few years now.

The passion is back! I mean like I can’t stop thinking about metal detecting, any free second I have I am thinking about metal detecting, researching, looking up machines, working on our forum, website, podcast, writing articles or reviews… you get the point!

Allmetalmode.com came about because of that passion. Bob and I were talking one night and I told him I always wanted to do in depth metal detector reviews and REAL reviews! So many of the reviews out there seem to be after a few air tests or just a very short time using the detector and every review tells you how amazing and perfect that metal detector is! I have had over forty articles published in a couple of the metal detecting magazines so I am not a stranger to writing but the magazines have someone dedicated to doing reviews so I never had the opportunity.